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Ridgeline™ specialty oils are high-quality lubricants that are individually adapted to your application.

Windshield Washer Fluid Pump Jack Oil Drip Oil Rock Drill Oil Process Oil Part Cleaner Bar & Chain Oil Way Oil

Windshield Washer Fluid

Features and Benefits
  • Keeps windshield clean of dirt and grime
  • -30°F and -20°F: De-ices during the toughest winter driving conditions
  • Special additive helps repel frost, light ice, and snow
  • 0°F: Methanol-free, evaporates quickly

Pump Jack Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Unique balance of extreme pressure additives extends equipment life through minimized gear wear.
  • Limits wear during equipment start- up and acceleration, as well as during extreme loading conditions, by minimizing metal-to-metal contact, providing excellent heavy load protection during low speed/high-torque service.
  • Specially formulated to control rust and corrosion of all types of metal surfaces.
  • Compatible with yellow metals such as brass, bronze and copper to resist excess wear.
  • Quality base oils and antioxidant additive produce a lubricant with excellent resistance to high temperature degradation for longer lubricant life.

Drip Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Good anti-wear performance helps reduce pump wear and prolonging pump life.
  • Corrosion protection helps reduce the effects of moisture on system components.
  • Filterability to prevent filter blockage even in the presence of water.

Rock Drill Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Rust and corrosion protection
  • Tackiness for lubricant adherence
  • Minimizes wear

Process Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Low deposit properties
  • Rapid release of entrained air
  • Low pour points

Part Cleaner

Features and Benefits
  • Non-Chlorinated
  • No Residue
  • Fast Evaporating
  • Excellent Cleaning Efficiency

All Season Bar & Chain Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Prevents wear
  • Reduces dripping and throw-off
  • Clings to chain even at high temperatures and speed
  • Protects your chain saw chain and bar
  • Includes tackiness agent to keep oil on the chain
  • Prevents premature chain wear at low and high temperatures
  • Ideal to use in all weather conditions

Way Oil

Features and Benefits
  • Select base oils fortified with extreme pressure, adhesive agent and friction modifiers provide superior slip-stick protection
  • Excellent separation ability from coolants allows easy removal for reuse
  • Coolant separation ability reduces bacteria growth in coolant sump
  • Slipstick protection ensures smooth and consistent movement for optimum surface finish

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