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Hydraulic Fluids

Why should I care about REAL?

REAL-Definition.pngThere is growing concern regarding the environmental impact and associated costs of traditional oil use. Most companies want to be environmentally responsible but they can’t afford to compromise on price or effectiveness to do it. Ridgeline’s lineup of high-performance, biodegradable lubricants protect both your equipment and the environment, without compromising on either. 

REAL Lubricants for REAL Performance


icon-bio-environmental.pngRidgeline Renewable is biodegradable and minimally toxic which means you can “go green” while still keeping up with the latest environmental regulations. At the same time, these products are renewable and sustainable.


icon-bio-performance.pngUnder normal operating conditions, these high-viscosity index lubricants will typically exceed the performance of conventional products. Other advantages include extended fluid life, improved efficiency, and extended wear protection.

Competitive Price

icon-bio-price.pngComparable to the industry’s leading EAL’s, Ridgeline Renewable’s biodegradable products deliver excellent wear protection and high-performance that helps extend equipment life. This means less downtime and ultimately, lower maintenance costs. 

REAL-Stamp.pngREAL vs. 
Traditional Lubricants

AttributeREAL LubricantsTraditional LubricantsWhy is this important?
VISCOSITY INDEX (VI) > 200 90-100 The high natural VI of bio-based products maintains the film strength (viscosity) of the lubricant, which in turn, provides better protection of the metal surfaces of the equipment.
METAL POLARITY Ridgeline Renewable lubricants have higher metal surface polarity than petroleum/mineral oils
Polarity = Enhanced Lubricity
Increased affinity for metal surface results in better boundary lubrication. Enhanced ‘metal wetting’ aids in corrosion resistance.
LUBRICITY > 3500 lbf < 2500 lbf Enhanced metal wetting capabilities reduces friction and lowers application temperatures, extending equipment life.
FLASH POINT 610⁰F (326⁰C) 392⁰F (200⁰C)  
CLEANSING ABILITY A lubricant's ability to clean is termed "solvency". Ridgeline Renewable lubricants deliver superior solvency vs. petroleum oils High solvency removes pre-existing varnish and deposits in aged systems. It also keeps metal surfaces clean to enhance heat exchange and maintain the lowest system operating temperatures which extends oil and mechanical componentry service life.
DIELECTRIC STRENGTH > 40 kV < 35 kV Dielectric strength is defined as the electrical strength of an insulating material. The higher the dielectric strength, the better.
BIODEGRADABILITY > 60% degradation occurs during initial 28-day period < 35% degradation occurs during initial 28-day period In the event of an accidental release into the environment, biodegradability directly affects the degree and duration of harmful ecological impact.
BIOBASED YES NO A product which is renewable and sustainable serves as an alternative for petroleum hydrocarbon based lubricants.
ECOLOGICAL TOXICITY Ultra Low Toxicity Moderate - High Toxicity In the event of an accidental release into the environment, harmful effects to living organisms are significantly reduced.
RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE YES NO A resource that is replenished by the environment over a relatively short period of time and is capable of maintaining its productivity indefinitely without harm to the environment.
BIOACCUMULATIVE NO YES In the event of an accidental release into the environment, there is no harmful build up over time of a chemical in a living organism.
ENVIRONMENTALLY ACCEPTABLE LUBRICANT (EAL) YES NO Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant as defined by the EPA 800-R-11-002 November 2011.



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