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Ridgeline™ defines exceptional quality and value. Our promise: provide top-quality lubricants, on-time delivery and an exceptional customer experience. This distinguishes Ridgeline™ as a first-class lubricant solution helping drive your business forward. 

Ridgeline™ proudly carries high-performance lubricants delivering superior performance across multiple applications and industries. Our strategic portfolio enables us to capture opportunities in an ever-changing landscape. We serve and support key markets including Passenger Vehicle Lubricants (PVL) and Commercial Vehicles Lubricants (CVL) – on and off highway – to support sectors such as transport, construction, agriculture and forestry. 

Ridgeline™ is a brand of Parkland Corporation, the largest independent operator of retail and commercial / industrial fuels in the US, Canada, and the Caribbean combined. This relationship gives us greater access to multiple supply and distribution sources, expanded delivery fleets, and a larger number of customer-focused, service-driven employees. Our focus on Safety is an important value we share with our valued customers. 

Parkland USA has developed an aggressive growth platform that has enabled it to acquire and integrate 8 local regional companies over the last five years, while driving organic growth across the United States. We are here to stay and we are here to grow right along with you.

Long live your equipment with Ridgeline™

"There's no other product I'd recommend more for fleet maintenance than Ridgeline." - Paul Rodriguez, NHT Transport, Miami FL USA

Distributed by Parkland Corporation, 1970 East 68th Avenue, Denver, CO 80229

™ Trademark of Parkland Corporation

Manufactured in U.S.A with foreign & domestic components

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